Migraine Resources

I want to share with you what I wish I had known years before. These are resources that have helped me to learn about my migraines. What are chronic migraine symptoms? How to recognize common migraine triggers? Is there a migraine diet that would work for me? What works to provide natural migraine relief? and much more…

These are all resources that I have used myself and can recommend to provide real value and hopefully help you to manage or even get rid of your migraines. Before sharing all these awesome finds, a quick disclosure this page includes some affiliate links.







These books really helped me to understand what is happening when I have head pain and what could be causing it. I learned so much from these books and they were the start to me figuring out how to manage my migraines. All three cover subjects like how diet and food sensitivities may be affecting your migraines and uncovering hidden triggers.

Changing my diet has been one of the most effective means of making a difference in my health and wellbeing. The Keto diet is often talked about in connection to weight loss, but it has been proven as an effective means of treating neurological disorders, including MIGRAINE! In fact in one study participant migraines were reduced by 90%! I used this program as a way to have some support and guidance when starting out, it was great!


Helpful Tools

This ice pack has been a real help for me during especially painful migraines. This little hat looks funny but it helps you get pain relief in parts of your head that are generally harder to reach. Just put it on and rest!

Getting rid of allergens or odd smells can really help if you are sensitive to odors or if strong smells are a trigger for you. This air purifier is great because there are no filters to buy. It’s an ionic filter and requires little to no maintenance.

This small pillow massager is one of my most useful tools. It helps me not only when I have a migraine but has also been useful in preventing them. In my personal case, my migraines often start with tension in my upper back, neck or shoulders. This small and portable massage pillow really does a good job in relieving the tension. It’s a must have in your migraine toolbox!

This is another great tool for relieving muscle tension. With this tool you can reach those hard to reach spots of tension in your back or shoulders and apply the amount of pressure necessary to provide relief.

This sleep mask and ear plug set is a necessary part of your migraine toolbox. If you suffer from light and noise sensitivity during migraines, this will be a great help!

This hot water bottle is a simple tool but oh so useful! It’s inexpensive and portable and can give you needed comfort and tension relief. It comes with a fleece sleeve which also helps protect your skin from it being too hot.

Both of these migraine glasses are great tools to include in your migraine relief toolbox. Even though I have near perfect vision I use these glasses daily. The colored lenses are great when you are suffering from light sensitivity and still need to function. They really work at reducing the effects of florescent lights and can be worn indoors. The clear lenses include a special coating which protects your eyes from blue light rays and eye strain. I use these glasses daily whenever I use any electronic devices or do any reading. I’ve noticed a big difference since I’ve started using them. These are definitely useful in your prevention plan!


Helpful Supplements

These are supplements that I have personally found useful and extremely helpful in reducing my migraines. Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, only a fellow migraine sufferer, so speak to your doctor, do your own research and use at your own risk.

Magnesium oil is a high absorption form of magnesium. It’s wonderful to use on sore, tense muscles. I personally use it whenever I have any tension in my shoulders or neck. Also when I do have a migraine I use it on the muscles in the back of my head. Sometimes this alone will bring significant relief!

Even though I use magnesium oil topically, I still take 400mg of magnesium a day, normally at bedtime. Studies have shown that most migraine suffers are deficient in magnesium. Since I’ve added this to my routine, I cut my migraine days in half!

I take 100mg of CoQ10 a day. Studies have shown that migraine sufferers are often deficient in CoQ10.

B vitamins have also been an essential part of my migraine plan. Not only do they help with energy but recent studies have shown that migraine sufferers are often deficient in B6 and/or B12.

Another common problem with us migraine sufferers is that we are easily dehydrated. This can cause us to become low in essential electrolytes. Saltstick caps help with this by making it easy to replace essential electrolytes without drinking some sugary sports drink. I’ve noticed a big difference since taking these.

Vitamin D3 has been another essential for me. When I was tested for this vitamin it didn’t even show up in my panel, that’s how deficient I was. Since taking this vitamin not only has my mood and energy improved but my migraines also improved!  A win-win!

I hope these recommendation will help you as much as I have been helped by them. I will continue to add to this list if I find other tools and/or supplements that are helpful.

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