What Your Family and Friends Don’t Know About Migraines

‘You just don’t understand!’

Have you ever said this or thought this when trying to explain how you feel to family or friends? If you get migraines, I can almost guarantee that you have at least thought this once or twice, even if you have an amazing network of supportive friends and family.

What do migraines feel like? What is it like to suffer from migraines?

Since migraines are often misunderstood and over looked as a serious condition, many people who don’t have migraines think it’s just a headache and that their friend or co-worker is exaggerating their experience. Unfortunately most people don’t know the difference between a typical headache and a migraine. What are the differences?

migraines and headaches
What’s the difference between a typical headache and a migraine?


As you can see from the above image migraines are very different from a typical headache. They are severe, debilitating and often take hours to days to recover from. Have you ever wondered what it feels like to have migraines? Or have you wished others could really understand how you feel?

Check out this video made by Excedrin:


What do you think about this video? I thought it was pretty remarkable to see the reactions of the family and friends. Will you share this video with your loved ones? Do you think it will help your friends and family to understand your migraines?

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