17 Gift Ideas for Migraine Sufferers

Do you know someone close to you who suffers from migraines? Do you want to show them you care and support them? What can you get that special friend or relative who suffers from migraine? Or maybe you suffer from migraines and want to get yourself something special. Here’s a great list of 20 gift ideas!

  1. Massage chair

We all know how we feel after a massage- relaxed, de-stressed and rejuvenated! In fact whether you get migraines or not, we could all use some relaxation. It’s even better when you can get that needed stress relief and even pain relief from the comfort of your own home! This is a gift that will be used over and over again. Plus, studies have shown that massage can decrease pain, contribute to more headache free days,  and fewer sleep disturbances.

2. Migraine glasses

These glasses have special lenses that are great if you or your friend suffers from light sensitivity and still needs to function at times while having a migraine. The special coating on these lenses protect your eyes from blue light rays and eye strain. Researchers have discovered that by blocking certain wavelengths of light, over 60% of migraine sufferers report both reduced frequency and severity of migraines. These should definitely be on your list!

3. Spoonie necklace

So this is a gift that will just show that you empathize and support your friend or relative who suffers from migraine. Often migraine sufferers have to deal with more than just migraine. Studies show that migraine sufferers often suffer from other chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, IBS, and other illnesses. To learn what a spoonie is check out this great post here.

4. Memory foam pillow

Not only does a memory foam pillow contribute to a better quality sleep, this one comes with a cooling mechanism which can be very helpful for those who suffer with migraines.

5. Sleep mask and ear plugs

If you know a migraine sufferer you know that when a migraine hits, they will often retreat into a dark and quiet room. Having this simple kit is a great relief for dealing with light and noise sensitivity.

6. Hot water bottle

This is just great for muscle pain relief and is a comfort for those days we spend in bed.

7. Journal writing kit

Journal writing can be a great way to release stress and negative emotions. In fact some studies with those who deal with chronic illness have shown that journaling can even lead to a reduction of pain! This is a great gift!

8. Adult coloring books

Coloring is not just for children! In fact, for adults coloring can be a major de-stresser. Doctors have found that coloring generates wellness, quietness and also stimulates brain areas related to motor skills, the senses and creativity. This kit comes with a mindfulness coloring book and set of colored pencils in a nice case.

9. Epsom salt lotion

Epsom salt is usually used as a soak to relieve sore muscles and stiff joints, but what if you don’t have a bathtub? Well epsom salt lotion can give you the same beneficial results. If you suffer from muscle pain, stiffness or tension this is for you!

10. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Pink Himalayan salt lamps are great for promoting relaxation, increased mental awareness and energy. They are said to help improve headache and migraines too!

11. Essential oil kit

Essential oils are used frequently for many different health conditions to bring relief of symptoms. Peppermint, frankincense, and lavender are some that are said to be especially beneficial for migraine relief. This is a great starter kit and at a great price!

12. Spoonk acupressure mat

This acupressure mat is said to help with sleep and muscle tension. What’s great is that it is portable and easy to use. You can feel the benefits right away with relaxation and reduced stress. This is definitely another gift that will keep giving!

13. Fitbit

Fitbit is an activity tracker. Why would someone with migraine want one? Well we are always looking for ways to prevent our headaches and make managing them easier. Now with Fitbit and apps like MigraineBuddy and Curelator we can track sleep patterns, food we have eaten and physical activity. This information can be invaluable when working with doctors and managing our health. This can make tracking all those things much easier!

14. Nutribullet

As we all know, our health can be directly influenced by what we eat. So give the gift of health with this Nutribullet mixer. It’s small and powerful for making nutritious smoothies like my Migraine Relief smoothie, which can naturally take the edge off of a migraine.

15. Audible Membership

I often use Audible when I’m dealing with a migraine, lying in my darkened room unable to sleep. I play something at a low volume and it really helps me to concentrate on something else rather than the pain. Audible is great because you can choose from thousands of books and magazines. This is definitely a great gift and one book that I really enjoy listening to, especially if I want to feel a bit of support is A Brain Wider Than the Sky: A Migraine Diary

16. Spa gift card

Gift cards are great because it allows you or your friend to use it when they want. What can be more relaxing then a day at the spa? Well you can give your friend this luxury as a gift and maybe you can enjoy the spa day together!

17. Chilipad mattress pad

Sleep is so important! Getting a good night sleep is often difficult for us who deal with migraines. This mattress pad is great because it allows you to customize your sleep experience. Too cold? You can adjust your side of the bed to be warmer. Too hot? Adjust your side of the bed to cool you down. This is great and will definitely be a gift that keeps on giving!

Would you add anything to this list? Or have you found something especially appreciated by a friend or relative who has migraines? Please share below!

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